Who we are

We are a team of creative and innovative professionals with different and complementary backgrounds.

Each of us has quite a large experience working with “new technologies” and developing web-based initiatives.

We are interested on the development of business initiatives specially doing joint ventures or mixed teams.

This site is just another example of the initiatives in which we participate, even not the most representative.

We are available to discuss about how to develop any idea that you may have as well as to team for making it a success.

Feel free to contact us to see how we can jointly explore any opportunity.

We encourage you to do it! 😉

What can we do together

We can discuss about the ideas that either you or us can have and about how we can turn them into real initiatives and put them in place.

We are flexible, open-minded and with a solid experience in many diverse fileds, from Human Resources Management to Relations with Investors, including Project Management, Software and Business Development, Communications and a long list of etceteras. We acquired most of our experience while working for top Companies being also in touch with many individual investors and entrepreneurs.

Our fees are usually on success which gives you the confidence that only a shared objective can give.

We win when our partners and friends win.

It is worthy to give a try, maybe sending us a message is a good starting point! 🙂

How to Contact Us

You can always contact us thru any of the options below:

We encourage you to do it and will see our attitude, criteria, flexibility and ideas.

See you soon!.

James Lund (Scrappy)

We are Publifex